PsychedeliCare is collaborating with associations and organisations both within and outside the European Union that share our goals and mission.

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The French Psychedelic Society is an association for scientific and cultural mediation on the theme of psychedelic substances.

Blossom Analysis makes information about the potential of psychedelics available to all stakeholders to help speed up the psychedelic transition from trials to practice.

Nepopularna psihologija is a Croatian NGO whose goal is to popularize psychology and related sciences in accordance with the principles and integrity of the profession.

The Czech Psychedelic Society facilitates the exchange of knowledge on the risks and benefits of the use psychedelics substances and supports research efforts.

The Associazione Luca Coscioni per la libertà di ricerca scientifica is an Italian non-profit organization promoting the Right to Science, self-determination and civil liberties.

Science for Democracy is a platform promoting the Right to Science as a structural component of Liberal Democracies.

Eumans is a pan-European civic movement for democracy and sustainability.

PAREA advocates for the safe, modern, and ethically responsible integration of psychedelic therapies into European mainstream health services.

Safe Journey is a Portuguese association which provides information, opinions and various resources on the subject of psychedelics and their safe and positive use.