About US

We are scientists, medical doctors, therapists, neuroscience researchers, creative and marketing professionals, artists, policy experts, human and civil rights activists, spiritual practitioners and educators. Together, united behind science and knowledge of EU laws, the goal of our initiative is to enable Europeans to access safe, regulated and conscientious Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy.

The PsychedeliCare Initiative currently involves participants from over 15 countries, within and beyond the European Union. The initiative grows each passing day, and we are always open to new like-minded individuals ready to embark on this democratic journey. Join us!

The Teams

We operate as a cohesive European Team, meeting and communicating regularly on digital platforms. Additionally, we are segmented into specialised sub-teams focused on specific topics, along with national teams responsible for developing the initiative within their respective countries.

Our European sub-teams include:

Coordination Team, managing the project on a global level and coordinating the efforts of each sub-team;
Communication Team, responsible for developing a structured communication plan and public relations approach for the initiative;
Coalition Building Team, responsible for partnerships, coordinating the support network and developing national teams across the EU;
Fundraising Team, responsible for developing the fundraising strategy and engaging with potential donors;
Scientific Team, supporting the initiative with fact-checked, scientifically solid and well-researched information on Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy, psychedelic substances, peer-reviewed studies, scientific publications and general educational materials;
IT support for the initiative’s website, collaborative platforms and data collection.

“Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy is revolutionizing science and alleviating suffering from a myriad of physical and mental illnesses. I’m dedicated to disseminating cutting-edge clinical research for holistic health. Legislative strides are crucial, amplifying both public and scientific voices. Let’s unite for impactful change.”

European Team

Théo Giubilei (France)

Project Coordinator & Founder

Graduated in European politics and public affairs and with two years of working experience in Brussels, Théo developed a solid knowledge in the European legislative process and the European Citizens’ Initiative tool. Convinced by the potential of psychedelics, he founded the PsychedeliCare Initiative.

Flavio “Avy” Candeli (Italy)

Head of Communication

Avy is Creative director of the Associazione Luca Coscioni per la libertà di ricerca scientifica and creative member of Eumans. Graduated in Copywriting, after 20 years in the advertising and digital media industry, being involved on thought-provoking campaigns for civil liberties and human rights, he decided to fully dedicate himself to projects with purpose. Such as this one.

Alexis Arragon (France)

Coalition Builder

Alexis has worked for more than 20 years with interactive media, and founded tech startups for the past 8 years. With a computer science and artificial intelligence engineering background, he is now training to become a therapist. Alexis is also involved in the Société Psychédélique Française.

Alexandre Nedeltchev (Bulgaria)

Director of Philanthropy

Graduate in EU affairs at the College of Europe and in Business Management for startups at the French Business school HEC, Alexandre combines 5 years as Chief Operating Officer in 2 startups he co-founded and scaled and 13 years in strategy, corporate communication, marketing, fundraising and public affairs in large organizations.

Elisabetta Fato (Italy)

Scientific Team Coordinator

Graduated in 2022 in Biomedical Sciences, Elisabetta received her Masters in Translational Neuroscience at the Imperial College London in 2023 and currently works as a Clinical Trial Administrator at Beckley Psytech, conducting clinical trials to investigate the therapeutic potential of psychedelics.

Johannes Rohr (Germany)

Head of IT Support

Johannes is a renowned international expert on the rights of Indigenous peoples of Siberia and the Far East and the author of many alternative reports on the situation of Russia’s small Indigenous peoples for the UN. He works as a Project Manager for the German Institute for Ecology and Action Antropology.

Carlotta Inferrera (Italy)

Graphic Designer

Graduated in Design and Visual Communication at the Polytechnic University of Turin, and in Event Management at IED Milano, Carlotta works freelance as well as Art director for the Associazione Luca Coscioni, applying her communication skills to the fight for the freedom of scientific research.

Raj Johal (United Kingdom)

Social Media Strategic Manager

Raj spent many years working in government and technology sectors, using theoretical knowledge with practical insights to navigate the complexities of diverse industries and drive positive change.  With a foundation in counseling and psychology, he remains steadfast in fostering well-being.

Veronica Toumanova (France)

User Experience/Webdesigner, Translator

Veronica studied fine arts in Russia, where she was raised, and graphic design in The Netherlands. In her first career she has worked as a UX designer in The Netherlands, Germany and France. Based in Paris, she has dedicated the past 10+ years to being a fulltime Argentine Tango performer, dancer, teacher and writer. Psychology and psychedelics are her special interests.

Bradley C. Royes (Canada – Germany)

Chief Newsletter Editor

A Canadian-born developer, strategist, and speaker, Bradley utilizes his background in cognitive science and conference management to contribute to the fields of psychedelic research, committed to advancing regenerative futures by establishing innovative connections with psychedelics and AI.

Raphaël Comte (France)

Health Policy Lead

Raphaël has valuable experience in public affairs management in EU health policy, combined with an intimate knowledge of the inner functionings of the European institutions and their legislative process. He has discovered the world of psychedelics a few years ago, only to realise the absolute need for more understanding and a better policy framework to allow the development of the full potential and medical uses of these molecules.

“Our mental health is impacted when we are not able to find the ways to deal with the reality on its own conditions, which aren’t our imagined, supporting ones. Psychedelics’ effects on neuroplasticy would be such a huge help for the above process that I had to join this campaign.”

National Teams

We currently have 10 national teams and more are in process of self-organizing. Would you like to be part of a team? Contact your national coordinator mentioned below. Your country is not represented yet? You could start a new national team, contact us!

Each national team consists of several people with various backgrounds. Together they take care of preparing, structuring and rolling out the initiative’s campaign in their respective countries, with the support of the European team.

National Teams Coordinators

Annarita Eva (Italy)

Annarita is an experienced Professional Counselor and Corporate Trainer. She integrates the main models of Humanistic Psychology in her work. With Master’s Degrees in Health Psychology and Italian Literature, since 2010 she’s been offering support as a psychedelic sitter at festivals and retreats. Contact Annarita.

Alexis Arragon (France)

Alexis has worked for more than 20 years with interactive media, and founded tech startups for the past 8 years. With a computer science and artificial intelligence engineering background, he is now training to become a therapist. Alexis is also involved in the Société Psychédélique Française. Contact Alexis.

Luize Anna Bankovica (Latvia)

A Regenerative Experience Designer with a Master’s in Sustainability in Creative Industries, Luize combines experience in creative sectors with a focus on sustainability, creativity, and regenerative behaviour. Her pioneering research delves into the relationship between mind-altering practices and value shifts. She is a co-founder of a startup specialising in narrative design tools for communities. Contact Luize.

Mario Zulić (Croatia)

Mario is a psychologist from Croatia with a profound interest in the potential of psychedelics, founder and president of the non-profit organisation Nepopularna psihologija, author and public speaker. He spearheaded the inaugural conference on the science of psychedelics in Croatia in 2023, initiating a long-awaited dialogue on the subject. Contact Mario.

Karolina Boguszewska (Poland)

Karolina is a published ex-scientist with PhD in pharmaceutical science and molecular biology, specialized in human DNA repair research. She has 15 years of experience in event and project management. Currently she is helping people grow by working with teams as a Scrum Master. She believes psychedelics have potential to improve human live. Contact Karolina.

Jean Claude Scicluna (Malta)

A medical doctor with background in neuroscience, Jean Claude is an activist in cardiovascular health, education and drug reform, who has served as a medical consultant for the Maltese government’s Authority for responsible use of cannabis (ARUC). He is involved in innovative startups in digital health, combining technology with educated use of plant medicine. Contact Jean Claude.

Michelle Kronquist (Sweden)

Michelle is a Clinical Psychologist who specializes in assessments for personnel selection and the application of innovative technologies to assist caregivers of dementia patients in residential care communities. Michelle’s interest in psychedelic assisted psychotherapy arises from her past work with trauma survivors. Contact Michelle.

Eva Angelaka (Greece)

Graduated Athens School of Fine Arts, Eva received her MSc in Asian/Japanese studies from Lund University. She has a 10 year working experience in Japan and Sweden as an intercultural consultant and interpreter, In Greece she has taught Japanese in different universities. She is the founder of Aelskling Athens Art Space where she teaches art workshops. Contact Eva.

Annina Springer (Germany)

Annina is a Master’s student in renewable energy management and has a Bachelor’s degree in horticulture. She is currently working on a project that combines both fields through the establishment of Agri-PV systems. She believes that the foundation for a thriving and sustainable future is mental health. Contact Annina.

Merle Kelder (Estonia)

Merle holds a Master’s Degree in Law and has extensive experience across various legal roles. She also has a rich background in diverse spiritual modalities. Merle believes deeply in the importance of nurturing and empowering environments that facilitate safe exploration of personal healing and the nature of conciousness. Contact Merle.

Brid Ni Fhoighil (The Netherlands)

Originally from Ireland, Brid has worked for Shell and ESA. In her current role as Facilitator and Integrator, she has organised opportunities for cutting edge research with Dutch and English Universities. She is a co-founder of the Amsterdam Space for Psychedelic Integration, Research and Education, a non-profit health concern. Contact Brid.

“I’m excited to be a part of this initiative both as a psychedelic psychotherapist specializing in trauma recovery and as a European citizen who has personally benefited from Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy. With care and support, I believe more suffering can be eliminated, especially when traditional psychotherapy or pharmacotherapy fails, which is why I’m lending my support to the initiative.”
“Driven by my journey in psychedelics and commitment to doing good, I joined PsychedeliCare to pioneer accessible, transformative therapies. I envision a future where these therapies are not just available but integral to healing and self-discovery, advocating for a global shift towards mindful, compassionate care.”